Casa Villa Imperina started life as a private residence in around 1800, although the exact date is not known. In 1908, Senator Magno Magni bought the property and lived there until the arrival of Italian painter and illustrator, Achille Beltrame. In addition to being a war reporter and illustrator for La Domenica del Corriere, Beltrame painted hundreds of oil paintings and watercolours.

A number of his works have also come to light in the entrance hall at Villa Imperina, and many scholars are convinced that more paintings by Achille Beltrame may still be hidden under the plasterwork in other rooms.

During World War I, the villa was used as a hospital, and after the war it was converted into a middle school so as to offer an opportunity to study to children from the whole Valle Agordina area.

The big change came about in 1960: a family from Milan visited Villa Imperina and fell in love. They bought and renovated it and restored its original architectural features, turning it into a Hotel.

It has now been under the management of Signora Danila since 1997.

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